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“I did the 1:1 Mentoring with Abby. This was my first time working with someone as intuitive as Abby regularly. It was one of the best decisions and investments I’ve ever made for myself. Abby completely changed my life and I am so grateful to know her.”

Ivana. M

"So far I’ve had about 6 sessions with Abby and I will continue to have more!! I have no idea how Abby does what she does but she’s able to pick up on things so fast. I always come out of my session with a better understanding of everything and feeling so much lighter!! She’s taught me so much about intuition and how to live a more balanced life. The amount of support I have from Abby is something I’ve never experienced while working with a professional."

Lauren. C

"I’m pretty young (20) and I've always felt like I didn’t connect with my other therapists because they are much older. I feel like Abby really understands me which is so nice to finally have. I feel like I can just be myself during our sessions. It feels like I’m just talking with a friend. I would highly recommend Abby. I’ve learned so much about myself and feel so much at peace with life."

Katie. B

“I did Abby’s four month course. I was super hesitant in spending the money at first because I’ve never invested into mentoring before and felt guilty about it. I can confirm I would do it all over again!! I feel like I’m at a place right now where I don’t need sessions often but when I do I will definitely be going back to Abby. She’s helped me with my relationships, past trauma and abundance. I will definitely miss our weekly sessions and I can’t recommend Abby enough! If you’re wanting to but just can’t decide, just do it! Maybe this is your sign haha.”

Jordyn. R

“I did Abby’s card reading. I needed some clarity on something that was going on in my life. I was shocked at how accurate her reading was, it was super cool! It gave me so much clarity and changed my perspective about things.”

Amanda. A

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